$0 Down $319/mo New Hyundai 25-lc-7a (Fully Equipped)

$0 Down $319/mo New Hyundai 25-lc-7a (Fully Equipped)

Forklift Management Specialists LLC of Marathon, WI specializes in the sales, service, and repair of new and used Hyundai Forklifts and accessories.

We Offer Parts, Service & Tires For All Brands of Industrial Forklifts, Material Handling Equipment, & Attachments.

New Hyundai forklifts are available in dual fuel, lp gas, diesel and electric. Check out our used forklifts and accessories. Also, specializing in tire pressing, parts and service. Over 30 years of experience to help you find your lifts to get your job done.

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Or call 715-843-LIFT (5438)

$0 Down $319/mo New Hyundai 25-lc-7a (Fully Equipped)

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$0 Down $319/mo New Hyundai 25-lc-7a (Fully Equipped)

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